Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BYU Game with the Big Boys

We finally made it back to a BYU game! My Dad, brothers and I made it to the Air Force/BYU game and had a lot of fun.
We only drove 45 minutes or so from Dad's house until PeeWee realized we left the game tickets in MY car, that was still parked in Dad's driveway. But that was fine, we haven't been able to spend that much time together for quite some time, and I really enjoyed it.
The game was good. BYU won and that always makes being stuck in traffic after the game a little more bearable. It was pretty cold, though. But we were bundled up pretty good.

We got there a little late and got this view of the game before we went up to our seats.

The picture makes it seem like we were further away than we were. I think this view is the best way to watch the game and see everything going on.

As you can see, we were ready to get warm!

The sun was setting when we were leaving, making for the perfect ending for a really good day.

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Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

Nice pics! Nothing like a little male bonding!